End of Tenancy Cleaning Services

End of Tenancy Cleaning is not just cleaning, all cleaners must understand cleaning standards and if you think you are good cleaner, you must think twice, most Letting Agencies approve only a professional cleaning company. End of Tenancy Cleaning is carried out after the tenant's moved out and property must be left in same condition as you moved in. In some case tenant’s do cleaning by themselves or hire someone to do it for them if they are luck enough and cleaning done in high standards, they will get deposit back. Most of the time is different, tenant’s waisted time, money and still need do cleaning again, as some parts was left unclean.


To secure your piece of mind you must carefully choose cleaning company.


We provide End of Tenancy Cleaning Services in Manchester city, currently we work with four Letting Agencies in Manchester and many Landlords use our services as well. This means that we know how to make a professional End of Tenancy Cleaning.

End of Tenancy Task List.



  • Wall tiles- descaled, cleaned, polished and mold-free
  • Radiators and towel rail- cleaned
  • Taps and fittings- descaled, wiped, polished
  • Basin-cleaned and polished
  • Cupboards and shelves- cleaned inside and outside (glass and chrome parts polished)
  • Mirror – wiped and polished
  • Bathtub-wiped, descaled, sanitized, polished
  • Shower screen- washed inside and outside and polished
  • Toilet and toilets set – cleaned and disinfected from inside and out
  • Bide – cleaned and disinfected from outside and inside
  • Floors – cleaned, sanitized
  • Extractor fan- cleaned if possible


  • All work surfaces such as kitchen countertops-washed and sanitized
  • Cupboards and drawers- cleaned out and wiped
  • Wall tiles- free of stains, mold and grease, washed and polished
  • Fridge and freezer-internally and externally cleaned (freezer need to be defrosted before cleaning day)
  • Oven-degreased, cleaned inside and out, outside chrome and glass parts-polished
  • Extractor fan-degreased, cleaned, polished
  • Hobs and grill- cleaned and polished
  • Microwave- wiped from inside and outside
  • Washing machine – inside and outside as well including sop dispenser
  • Tumble dryer including dust filters etc.
  • Dishwasher – inside and outside
  • Sink and taps- descaled, washed, sanitized, polished
  • Bins to be cleaned inside and outside
  • Kitchen appliances as toaster, kettle, etc.
  • Doors wiped clean
  • All skirtings to be dusted, wiped
  • Lamps and switches, dusted, wiped
  • Floors- hoovered and moped (if not carpeted)


  • Bedroom storage units (such as wardrobes, cupboards, night tables, drawers, etc.)- cleaned inside and outside, polished.
  • Mirrors -cleaned, wiped.
  • Reading lamps – wiped
  • Bed frames – wiped
  • Mattresses vacuumed
  • Waste paper basket- cleaned
  • Light fittings and shades- dusted and wiped
  • Light switches, plugs and sockets – dusted and wiped
  • Vacuumed under the bed, and behind furniture, mop if need


Hallway and stairs

  • Stairs and banisters- dusted, wiped, vacuumed, moped if need




Living room and dining are

  • Doors- cleaned
  • Skirting board – dusted, wiped
  • Sofas – vacuumed, wiped
  • Tables /glass tables- wiped, polished
  • Picture frames, mirrors, lamp shades- dusted, wiped
  • French doors, widows- cleaned and polished
  • Electronic equipment – wiped, dusted
  • All floors vacuumed, moped if no carpets, including under the furniture.


General/Through the entire property


  • Doors- dusted, wiped from top to bottom
  • Windows - wiped from top to bottom
  • Ceilings – cleaned of cobwebs
  • Skirting- dusted and wiped
  • All floors- vacuumed and moped including under the furniture and rugs
  • Radiators- wiped and clean from top to bottom
  • Mirrors, picture frames, lamps, light switches, dusted and wiped.

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